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Service Excellence!

Driven by motivation to

out perform all competitors.

O.E. Air conditioning,

With an Automotive supplier and re manufacturer, with our wide range of spares, you can be sure that all your

aircon cooling needs will be met at the switch of a button.

Sole importer and distributor for Ecotechnics RRR machines

O.E. Air conditioning not only offers a A/C Automotive workshop,

but also has a Mechanical workshop.

O.E. Bosch Vehicle Service Centre,

A national network of independent workshops, backed by Bosch, the world’s largest supplier of automotive parts.

Bosch, real value.

Pat Dudgeon,

has extensive experience, in the auto air conditioning business, and have been operating for many years.

Pat is kept busy running the business and passing on his extensive knowledge to our workshop staff to ensure that customers get the best technical service in the industry.